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Established in 1996, EcoSeeds has pioneered seed based habitat restoration in the island of Ireland. We provide specialist services that help re-establish healthy and resilient ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed.

We provide local provenance wildflower seeds and use our own range of professional services and specialist machinery to create native habitats.

We have three decades' practical experience in this subject area, having developed unique knowledge of growing wildflowers and establishing native habitats.

We deliver a broad range of large scale habitat restoration schemes compatible with Biodiversity Net Gain, Carbon Code, and Nature Restoration Law. We work with a wide variety of organisations and individuals including government departments and agencies, local councils, landowners, commercial developers, and environmental NGOs.

We value the importance of local provenance and we employ sustainable, environment friendly working practices.

EcoSeeds Ltd:    Tel: +44 28 4488 1227    info@EcoSeedsHabitatRestoration.com